What are custom orders?

We undertake the creation of exclusive designs for your special moments, in order to ensure the uniqueness you wish. If you want to make a unique gift with a very special meaning, you may consider custom made orders. This is all about having a piece of jewellery that will not be replicable and that will remind you of a person, a moment or yourself.

Orestis monogram.

(Greek: Ορέστης) is a Greek name, meaning "he who stands on the mountain" or "one who can conquer mountains". His father asked us to create a pendant with the monogram 'O'. We were inspired by its definition and created a piece of jewellery that includes the initial, as well as the power of his name!

A baby called Athena.

A proud aunt wanted to make a unique gift to her newborn niece! She asked us to create a pendant that would enclose her feelings for her. So we designed a jewellery that shapes the heart that will always love her, the newborn baby ready to crawl and the initial 'A' of her name.


Design a pair of hook earrings just for me! That was the direction we were given! Her name is Dimitra, as you can see on the top part (Δήμητρα). She is playful, funny and always likes to explore!


Contact us so we can process together your desires.​